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Contract Canine was established in September 2011 as family owned and operated small business. Formerly located in Mid-Michigan, Contract Canine offered a variety of Professional Working Canines For Hire™ to meet the needs of residential and commercial clients across the Great Lakes State.  In September 2015 the decision was made to relocate our family and our business over twenty-two hundred miles south to sunny Central Florida.

Contract Canine is now a Florida detection dog service provider! Our location may have changed but we still offer the same high-quality, cost-effective alternative solutions for drug Interdiction Without Incarceration™. Our confidential detection dog services are available to anyone for any lawful purpose with no negative publicity or police involvement. Contact Us today to speak with a trained professional who can offer you a confidential, cost-effective alternative solution for drug Interdiction Without Incarceration™ all backed by our T.O.T.A.L.™ Client Satisfaction guarantee.


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