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If you need contact information for Contract Canine in order to receive a quote for any of our detection dog services or wish to retain a Professional Working Canines For Hire, you may submit your request online at our Request-A-Quote page. To inquiring about employment or sub-contractor opportunities (Do Not Use This Form!), please visit our Jobs page. Otherwise, answers to many of the common questions we receive can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you are still unable to locate the information you’re looking for please use the contact form below to securely submit your comments, concerns or questions. For your convenience we have also provided contact information in downloadable vCARD files in the three most popular formats so you can add us to your address book.

Direct inquires to:

Contract Canine LLC

DBA: Florida Drug Dog For Hire

Winter Haven Florida 33884-0004

Phone: (863) 875-3990

Office Hours: Vary Monday-Friday

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