K9 Jobs and Subcontractor Opportunities

K9 Jobs and Subcontractor OpportunitiesK9 Jobs and Subcontractor Opportunities

Contract Canine is a family owned and operated small business located in Central Florida, with a true family environment focused on professionalism, integrity and compassion. Our employees, subcontractors and strategic partners are our greatest asset. We only select highly motivated, goal driven and result focused individuals. The majority of our current and former staff come from diverse backgrounds such as the US Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management and more.

Our family values the relationship we build with our subcontractors and strategic partners. Everyone is viewed and treated as one of the family. We promote positive communications through constructive criticism while maintaining an open door policy. We encourage and promote individual initiative and personal and professional growth to increase individual capabilities whenever and wherever possible.

K9 detection dog subcontractor opportunities are only available to persons who currently have their own trained and certified working canine partner. Our K9 detection dog subcontractors are considered  an “Independent Contractor” (Non-employee) as outlined by the Internal Revenue Service 1099 Filing Guidelines.

All subcontractor applicants are required to complete an application, interview and background screening process. All subcontractors are placed on an extra board and work in a rotating on-call  basis. As a family owned and operated small business we can generally handle our normal day-to-day service volume without a problem. However from time to time we do require additional temporary staffing for larger or more complex jobs.

Direct all inquires to:

Contract Canine LLC

Attn: Human Resources Department

Winter Haven Florida 33884-0004


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