Drug-Sniffing Dog Service Grant

Contract Canine Brochure Download - Drug-Sniffing Dog Service GrantDrug-Sniffing Dog Service Grant

Contract Canine’s Drug-Sniffing Dog Service Grant is a program that allows low-income families in need of drug interdiction services to receive help regardless of their ability to pay. Our philosophy of Interdiction Without Incarceration™ offers families alternatives to contacting the police to combat drug experimentation, use and addiction within their home. 

Currently the Drug-Sniffing Dog Service Grant is only awarded to five (5) families per quarter. A total of twenty (20) families per year can receive free drug-sniffing dog services. Contract Canine’s Drug-Sniffing Dog Service Grant is currently funded by monies received through a corporate gofundme™ campaign program. 100% of the monies received cover all fees related to providing Basic Home Drug Detection Dog Solutions to qualifying families.

Without the generous contributions made by families from all walks of life and corporate sponsors we could not build stronger safer communities. We are families help families!

To make a contribution today please visit Our gofundme Page. If you are a family in need and wish to apply for Contract Canine’s Drug-Sniffing Dog Service Grant, please compleat the online application located below.

Application: Drug-Sniffing Dog Service Grant Participation

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  • Please provide us with your total household income as reported on your tax return. If your application receives preliminary approval you may be asked to show documented proof of income.


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 *The Drug-Sniffing Dog Service Grant terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.  Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Void where prohibited.


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