Contraband Detection Dogs For Hire

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Contraband detection dogs have been used as a tool since the early 19th century. It is believed that Israel was the first initial country to put contraband detection dogs to work locating drugs, weapons, explosives and many other forms of contraband – The French were soon to follow. Due to their excellent sense of smell contraband detection dogs are being used in today’s civilian marketplace to ensure the health and safety of millions all across the United States. Contraband detection dogs otherwise know as the “Scenting Canine”, “Sniff or Sniffer Dog” or “Target-Odor Canine” are keenly adept at detecting and decimating different scent. The working canine has become the primary tool in investigation, compliance and enforcement practices.


Until recently, contraband detection dogs were only used by government agencies for detection and law enforcement purposes.  Now they are available to anyone for any lawful purpose. Contract Canine tailor’s all our target-odor detection services to the individual needs of every client. No one situation is the same. A cookie cutter approach or an out of the box solution is not an effective way of achieving positive results in a timely or cost-effective manner.

Targeted Odors

Contract Canine’s contraband detection dogs have been trained to target and detect a variety of odors. Common consumer products and goods top the list. Even agricultural and environmental issues or concerns can be addressed. Some of examples of the most commonly targeted and detected items can include:

  • Alcohol
  • Gun Powers
  • Tobacco
  • Electronics
  • Currency and more…

When a target-odor is located, a contraband detection dog will produce some form of a visual and or audible indicator. This indicator is known as an alert. This alert comes in many different forms that the handler is trained to recognize. The individual dog’s personality and training determines the alert type. For example, a dog sitting or lying down would be an example of a passive alert. Active or aggressive alerting methods could include pawing or digging in conjunction with a loud assertive bark. Once the dog alerts, we mark the area for follow-up and will continue the search insuring there are no additional target-odors undiscovered.The find

When it’s all said and done

The Illegal or unauthorized possession of contraband in our homes, schools, offices, and factories can endanger the health and safety of everyone. Sometimes establishing new rules or policies is not enough. Contract Canine’s contraband detection dog service is here to provide you with an effective alternative in maintaining awareness and ensuring compliance.

Contract Canine’s contraband detection dog services are offered in both standardized and custom solutions to meet your needs in a safe, cost-effective and confidential manner.  All  dogs are accompanied by professionally trained handlers who are highly skilled and experienced. Handlers are State and Federally certified/licensed where applicable. We guarantee that our clients will receive the best possible all around service in the industry by offer a T.O.T.A.L. Client Satisfaction™ program, to each and every client we serve. Contact Us now to discuss your goals, objectives and to receive an individualized quote today.

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