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Drug detection dog have been used as a tool since the early 19th century. It is believed that Israel was the first country to put man’s best friend to work locating drugs and other forms of contraband – The French were soon to follow. Due to their excellent sense of smell, drug detection dog are being used by parents, small business owners and corporations in today’s civilian marketplace for confirming the suspicion of possession and possible addiction.

The drug detection dog otherwise known as the “Dope Dog”, “Sniff or Sniffer Dog” and even as a “Narcotics Dog” are keenly adept at detecting and decimating different scents. The working canine has become the primary tool in this battle.  According to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) 700,000 teenagers in the United States used illicit drugs in 2010 with the majority being 8,10, and 12th graders. The DEA also reported that drugs in the workplace still have American employers finding 3.6% of those who were randomly tested, tested positive.


Until recently drug detection dogs were only used by government agencies for law enforcement purposes.  Now they are available to anyone for any lawful purpose. Contract Canine tailors our drug detection dog for hire services to the individual needs of the client. No one situation is the same. A cookie cutter approach is not an effective way of achieving positive results in a timely or cost-effective manner.

Detectable Substances

Contract Canine’s drug detection dog for hire services can detect a variety of substances. These substances can include over the counter pharmaceuticals (OTC’s) and paraphernalia, prescription medications (Schedule III,IV,V), controlled narcotic substances (Schedule II), and even raw and refined street drugs (Schedule I).

Contrary to popular beliefs drug detection dogs are not given drugs so they become addicted in order to seek them out. The actual process & methodology is generally treated like a trade secret. Lack of published information leads to speculation of the methods used. Rest assured that none of our dogs are negatively impacted ether mentally or physically during their training.

A dog’s brain is specialized for identifying scent. The percentage of the dog’s brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is actually 40 times larger than that of a human! It has been estimated that dogs can identify and discriminate different smells somewhere between 1,000 to 10,000 times better than humans. For example when a human smells pizza they smell pizza. When a dog smells pizza they smell the bread, the sauce, the cheese and the pepperoni. There is great debate on the exact scientific percentages. No mater the percentage a drug detection dog has proven they can smell their way directly to a well hidden stash. Drug smugglers have been trying for years to mask the scent of drugs by packing them with other scent filled items without success.


A drug stash can range from a single marijuana cigarette for personal use to a large bundle of individually wrapped packages intended for distribution. A drug detection dog’s keen sense of smell and discrimination can locate a large amount of drugs right down to trace amounts and even residual orders. They have a proven performance of accuracy in a variety of environments, both inside/outside and in all-weather conditions. From the largest factory to the smallest home the drug detection dog will find it.

The find

When a substance is located a drug detection dog will produce some form of a visual and/or audible indicator. This indicator is known as an “alert“. The individual dogs personality, natural behavior and training determines their alert type. But the three most common alerts a handler is trained to recognize include; A “passive alert”, this would be a dog sitting or lying down. An “active alert” would involve continuous, repetitive barking, while an “aggressive alert” would involve pawing and digging in conjunction with loud repetitive barking.

Many drug detection dog service providers will conclude their search once the dog alerts. We do not! We mark the area for follow-up and will continue the search insuring there are no additional hidden substances. If substances are discovered, our handler will provide you with a visual on-the-spot identification. If requested an industry recognized chemical field recognition test can be performed. A service exclusive only to Contract Canine. Identifying substances found is commonly overlooked or simply just not performed by other detection dog providers.

For small business owners and corporations big or small, presumptive identification is generally recognized within our legal system as a component of probable cause. Our services and techniques support just cause for an employer’s right in terminating the employee/employer relationship. Removing drugs and drug users from the workplace makes any place of business safer for everyone.

Additionally we provide you with a safe, secure and environmentally friendly means for disposal.  Through a patented process of chemical deactivation any drugs found will be made inert. This will allow for safe handling and proper disposal. We can make 99.9% of over the counter pharmaceuticals, prescription medications, controlled narcotic substances and even raw and refined street drugs inert and safe.

When it’s all said and done

Drug abuse affects every sector of society, strains our economy, our healthcare and criminal justice systems. It endangers the futures of everyone. While many challenges remain, preventing drug abuse before it begins is the key. Sometimes that’s not enough. Now you have another option.

Contract Canine drug detection dog services are offered in both a standardized and custom solutions to meet your needs in a safe, cost-effective and confidential manner. All  dogs are accompanied by professionally trained handlers who are highly skilled and experienced. Handlers are certified and/or licensed when applicable. We guarantee that our clients will receive the best possible all around service in the industry by offering a written T.O.T.A.L.™ Client Satisfaction guarantee. We even offer a Drug-Sniffing Dog Service Grant to help offset the cost of services for families in need.

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