Presence & Deterrence Dog™ For Hire

Contract Canine Brochure - Presence & Deterrence DogPresence & Deterrence Dog’s™

A Presence & Deterrence Dog™  is a specialized resource that’s cost-effective and results driven for any security program. Our Presence & Deterrence Dogs™ seamlessly integrate and flawlessly work in conjunction with any pre-existing security provider’s program. Utilizing our Presence & Deterrence Dogs™ will give your security objectives a powerful new tool that will yield tangible results. Presence & Deterrence Dogs™ are exactly as they sound. They “deter” wrongdoing based on their sheer presence and shows that you take safety and security seriously!

Presence & Deterrence Dogs™ for a lack of better words are an all “Bark” and “No Bite” solution. This form of Professional Working Canines For Hire™ has been specially trained to bark, growl and look mean. Contract Canine’s Presence & Deterrence Dogs™ do not receive bite work or protection training as the typical  patrol dog would. For this reason, Presence and Deterrence™ Dogs are ideally suited for clients who wish to have an active show of enforcement without dynamic physical engagement. This method promotes compliance while working within pre-established “hands off ” or “observe & report” only policies and procedures. If your situation requires a physical or dynamic hands-on solution for interaction with combative or fleeing subjects, then Contract Canine’s Patrol Dog For Hire services are the effective solution.

Presence & Deterrence Dogs™ are generally retained for crowd control at community fairs, convention centers, sports arenas, stadiums and more. Uniformed security providers utilize our Presence & Deterrence Dogs™ as a specialized, on-demand adjunct for community policing programs in gated communities, apartment complexes, housing projects and more. Presence & Deterrence Dogs™ are effective as a stationary or roaming asset, both on foot and in our specially marked and equipped canine vehicles. Most clients choose to allocate this resource to a centralized location such as entry/exit points or areas of unwanted gathering. Teams on foot mobilize to patrol  interior and adjacent exterior areas, while vehicle based teams patrol parking lots, entry gates, property perimeters and more.

All Presence & Deterrence Dogs™ are provided as a custom solution to meet your individual needs and objectives. All  dogs are accompanied by professionally trained handlers who are highly skilled, experienced and hold State of Florida Security Officer licensing. Our teams are independent certified by industry recognized third-part agencies where applicable. In addition, we guarantee that our clients will receive the best possible all around service in the industry by offer a T.O.T.A.L. Client Satisfaction™ program, to each and every client we serve.

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