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As a small business owner, you have sacrificed more than anyone can image building a profitable, competitive and drug-free workplace. Ensuring effective workplace health & safety along with effective management and productive employees is extremely difficult. One of the single most destructive forces to any small business is Drugs and Contraband in the workplace. Drugs and Contraband in the workplace will put any small business owner’s personal and professional reputation in jeopardy. This can drive suppliers and customers away causing an increase in overhead while reducing profits.

FAQ: Did you know? Your company could be subject to litigation. A customer or employee could claim they received a mental or physically injury from a small business because it wasn’t a drug-free workplace.

Federal Drug Workplace Act of 1988 states, even the small business owner has a legal obligation to try to maintain a drug-free workplace. Pre-employment drug screening along with randomized testing during the employee-employer relationship is only the beginning. To truly maintain a drug-free workplace and protect your reputation, a small business must think out-of-the-box and have specialized tools and resources at their disposal.

FAQ: Did you know? Former drug abusers are defined as “handicapped individuals” under the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973  and are protected under State and Federal laws.

Canine Contraband Detection Dog Service and Drug Detection Dog Service for the small business is a multi-phased solution that provides the small business owner with a new set of specialized tools and resources. Until now, maintaining and enforcing a drug-free workplace involved requesting help from local law enforcement and exposing your business to negative publicity. You can now avoid embarrassing investigations that are publicly recorded and cause long-term revenue loss. Contract Canine’s drug and contraband detection dog service is beneficial to your business, your employees and most importantly, your customers.

FAQ: Did you know? The policy review process is a complementary service that is essential and necessary to help protect your small business from unsubstantiated legal action.

Our entire on site consultation is discrete and will remain confidential. Every small business situation is different. We truly want your business to be successful and have a safe, drug-free workplace. We customized our Contraband Detection Dog Service and Drug Detection Dog Service to create an individualized solution to meet the specific goals and objectives of your business. Our specialized service and resources are at your disposal and will generate tangible, cost-effective results. All our services are confidential and conducted in a safe and legal manner.

Small business benefits include:

  • Workmen’s comp premium reductions.
  • Health insurance premium reductions.
  • Improved workplace health and safety.
  • Improved productivity and increases profits.
  • Reduction in turnover, absenteeism and more…

Employee benefits include:

  • Reduction in risk and health exposure.
  • Reduction in accidents caused by other co-workers.
  • Improvement in work environment and moral.
  • Shows you take drug-free workplace seriously.

Customer benefits include:

  • Facilitates the creation of new relationships.
  • Builds trust, respect and encourages that warm and fuzzy feeling.
  • Provides a safe, healthy, happy and worry free customer experience.

Multi-Phased Solution for your business success!

  1. Free on site consultation and current company policy review.
  2. Policy updates, new policy adoption, documented employee acknowledgments.
  3. Self Identification, Corrective Action / Disciplinary Measures.
  4. Investigation/Interview, K9 Detection, Evidence Collection & Identification.
  5. Interdiction, Treatment, Enforcement, and Termination.
  6. Follow-up searches and continued administrative & operational support.

Contract Canine offers small business owners with free on-site, no obligation consultations to those who are serious about maintaining and enforcing a drug-free workplace. We will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your situation and objectives. We also review current workplace policies, procedures and practices for local, state and federal compliance. We will also make recommendations for do-it-yourself policy revisions or we can offer a per-made policy package solution ready for immediate implementation into your operations. For more information or to schedule you free on site, no obligation consultation Contact Us today!

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