Residential Contraband Detection Dogs

Residential Contraband Detection Dogs

Your home must be a safe haven for every member of the family. Contract Canine’s residential contraband detection dog service is available to provide you with effective alternatives that have not been accessible to the public. You can never be too safe or intervene too early, even if you believe it’s just “experimentation.”

Our residential contraband detection dog service professionals will perform discreet, yet thorough inspections of your entire property or just a specified area within your home. By using Contract Canine’s Contraband Detection Dogs For Hire you will be able to discover current and even past hiding spots.

We understand that the possibility of discovering a drug, alcohol and even tobacco experimentation or addiction is a sensitive issue. You will be involved and we will explain every step of the process. We guarantee you peace of mind by providing your family with total anonymity and backing our services with a written T.O.T.A.L.™ Client Satisfaction policy. We even offer a Drug-Sniffing Dog Service Grant to help offset the cost of services for families in need.

Getting Started

When you Contact Us to make an inquiry or to schedule an appointment, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will talk with you to learn more about your situation and cancers. Based on the information provided, we will be able to customize every aspect of our residential contraband detection dog service specific to your current needs. Our men and women have years of structured training and field experience. We employ state licensed Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and even Registered Nurses.

When We Arrive

When our professionals arrive at you home, they will sit and talk with you one-on-one. This discussion time allows us to better meet your needs while giving you an opportunity to address any last-minute concerns. The handler will take you step-by-step through the residential contraband detection dog service until you have a complete understanding. The handler will bring the dog into your home, only after you have authorized us to begin the search.

The Detection Process

When we start the detection/search process your involvement is essential. We will never conduct a search of your property without your permission and only while you’re present. Every handler and his/her dog has a standard routine. However every search is conducted in
accordance with our standard operating guidelines. These guidelines include promoting the safety of you, your family and your property. You have the right to request the search to be terminated at any time.

Our Contraband Detection Dogs For Hire, are trained to alert the handler when they find what they’re looking for. This alert comes in many different forms. The individual dog’s personality and training will determine the type of alert. If the dog alerts, the handler will mark the location and continue searching the area. Continuing to search the area will provide you with peace of mind while insuring there are no additional hiding spots.

What If Something Is Found? Unlike many residential contraband detection dog service providers, we do not simple confirm your worst fears and leave. If substances are discovered, our handler will provide you with a visual on-the-spot identification. If requested an industry recognized chemical field recognition test can be performed. A service exclusive only to Contract Canine. Identifying substances found is commonly overlooked or simply just not performed by other detection dog providers.

After chemical field recognition testing has been completed, we will provide you with a safe, secure and environmentally friendly
means for disposal.  Through a patented process of chemical deactivation the drugs will be made inert. This will allow for safe handling and proper disposal. We can make 99.9% of over the counter pharmaceuticals, prescription medications, controlled narcotic substances and even raw and refined street drugs inert and safe. The handler will then discuss the search results with you in detail. You will also be provided with a customized personal informational packet that contains fact sheets, counseling referrals, treatment programs and more to get you moving with the treatment and recovery process. You will also be provided a step-by-step guide on establishing and enacting an intervention plan.

Final Thoughts

Our residential contraband detection dog service is designed to provide your family with an opportunity for Intervention without Incarceration™. We are not a law enforcement agency and do not involve them. We believe placing someone in jail is not a healthy solution or is it the only solution for addiction. Contract Canine’s residential contraband detection dog services are offered in a standardized service package and a custom solution. All dogs are accompanied by professionally trained handlers who are highly skilled and experienced. Handlers are certified and/or licensed when applicable. We guarantee that our clients will receive the best possible all around service in the industry by offering a written T.O.T.A.L.™ Client Satisfaction guarantee.

Packages & Pricing

Economy Package Basic Package Standard Package Premium Package
Total Client Satisfaction x x x x
Free Personalized Quote x x x x
Free No-Obligation Phone Consultation x x x x
Number of Visits Include 1 1 1 2
Number of Rooms Searched 1 2 3 4
Number of Automobiles Included 0 0 1 2
Visual Substance Identification Not Available x x x
Substance Abuse and Addiction Awareness Packet Not Available x x x
Substance Abuse Treatment Referral Service Not Available Additional Fee x x
In Home Do-It-Yourself Drug Test Kit Not Available Additional Fee 1 test included 2 tests included
Presumptive Chemical Field Analyses Not Available Additional Fee 2 tests included 4 tests included
Chemical Neutralization Packaging & Disposal Not Available Additional Fee Additional Fee x
Phone Consultation with Nurse Not Available Additional Fee Additional Fee x
One Hour In Home Consultation with a Nurse Not Available Additional Fee Additional Fee Additional Fee
Extended Service Hours* Not Available Additional Fee Additional Fee Additional Fee
Extended Service Area** Not Available Additional Fee Additional Fee Additional Fee
Package Price: $149.99 $199.99 $299.99 $399.99
Return Service Rate: $99.00 $149.99 $199.99 $299.99

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